Star coins revealed

So you've stomped through every world in New Super Mario Bros. - big deal. Do you have three stars next to your save game, proving you've literally completed everything the game has to offer? If not, chances are you're still looking for star coins, and we've got ahelpful video to reveal five of the most deceiving ones in the game. If you need step-by-step instructions, read on.

World 2-5 - Third Coin

This early on in the game, you may not be thinking outside the perimeters of the level yet. That's why quicksand is such a useful blanket to throw over the secret exit at the end of world 2-5. You'll see a boomerang-tossing soldier standing over the sand, with a gray block to the right - that block isn't solid, it's a way out. Just sink in the sand under the rocks and jump back out to move into a secret, star-coin holding room.

World 5-Ghost House - Third Coin

This is one of the trickiest we saw. After climbing several sets of stairs (all guarded by block-busting ghosts), you'll finally see three regular blocks floating on the far left of the screen. Stand on each of them and jump to reveal three hidden blocks. Then jump onto the highest, middle block, duck, and jump again to unleash a vine. Climb it, let the ghost break through the wall, and then enter the door.

Once inside, you're on a floating platform that'll try to buck you off, then drop down quickly, and then finally rocket upward. As it's rising, head to the right and jump off into the tunnel that whisks by. Boom, secret star coin (and the hidden exit for this world as well).

World 5-C - Third Coin

Just after the halfway flag, you'll come to a set of stone stairs, a boxing ghost dude and four floating blocks. Bop the ghost, break the four blocks above the floating ones and once they're clear, hit the floating block on the far right. It'll sprout a vine that leads into a straightforward area that contains the last coin for this level.

Brett Elston

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