Star coins revealed

World 6-A - Second Coin

About a quarter of the way into this level, you'll see a long shaft of quicksand sinking into the ground. As before, just head into it and let it suck you down into a secret room that, obviously, has the second coin floating safely inside it. Not a hard find, but it could very well slip your notice.

World 7-A - Second Coin

This massive pipe maze can be a pain to navigate anyway, regardless of the search for three hidden coins. The one to look for, however, is near the beginning, just after the first upward pipe trek. Head right and you'll see a piranha plant snapping out of a pipe that's lying on its side. Avoid the plant and hop up on the rightmost pipe, huddled against the wall. It acts like a cannon, blasting you straight up into a shower of coins - but see that pipe just to the left? Wall jump into it and find the second sneaky coin for this level.

And with those five under wraps, you should be able to tackle the rest. Just remember that the mini mushroom is often the key to ones that seem just out of reach (your shrunken self can leap further), and that any turtle shells you toss into coins counts as a snag. Be sure to check outour other video for five secret tricks for one of this summer's biggest games.

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