Stadia exclusive Gylt is coming to other platforms "soon"

(Image credit: Tequila Works)

Tequila Works' stylish horror, Gylt, is coming to other platforms "soon".

The "gateway horror" was initially exclusive to Google's streaming service, Stadia, but shortly after the announcement of the demise of Stadia, Tequila Works hopped onto social media to let its followers know that Gylt was "going multiplatform in 2023".

There was no further information at the time, but fast-forward to this week, however, and Tequila took to social media once more to remind us that not only is Gylt making the jump to other platforms, but that it was happening "soon", too.

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No, the team didn't give away much - all we got was some concept art and the word "soon" with the double-o made up of the wide-eyed emoji - and at the time of writing, we don't even know what platforms the light-touch horror is coming to, let alone when. Watch this space, though - it looks like we'll be finding out more sooner rather than later.

Stadia shut down for good on January 18 - here's what you need to know about Google Stadia refunds, game access, and more. If you missed it, Google recently released a guide and a "self-serve tool" to help Stadia players unlock their Stadia controllers and make them compatible with other Bluetooth devices.

We called Gylt a "modern gateway horror" and gave it 3.5 stars out of 5, saying it "presents some bright ideas in its dark world even as its gameplay mechanics are often much too familiar".

"Gylt feels like yet another intriguing one-off game from Tequila Works, who now has developed five games in 10 years without any sequels, while no two of their games even exist in the same genre," our review says. 

"That’s extremely rare and praiseworthy, even if Gylt isn’t their best game. Its unique world-building and stylish audio and visuals keep afloat a tired gameplay suite, making it a worthwhile time for genre fans, especially those embarking on their first horror story."

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