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Square Enix Party 2007 - Live from Tokyo!

We're live, in Tokyo, to bring you reports from Square Enix Party 2007, a public event that showcases the latest in the Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Quest publisher's massive lineup of games for all of your favorite next generation consoles and handhelds.

We're bring in up-to-the-minute information as fast as we can over the course of the weekend. Check back to this page for updates as they happen.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions interview: many missed it on the PSone, but now it's coming to the PSP, better than ever. Read on to find out more

Dragon Quest: the Yuji Horii Interview: the creator of the most popular RPG series on consoles fills us in on two new games for the Nintendo DS

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles interview: The latest details, including all new information on Crystal Bearers, the upcoming Wii title

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - hands-on: New screens and details for best-looking PSP game to date

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - interview: We drill developers for details on A2 's new features and plot

Kingdom Hearts project: Detailed descriptions and impressions of first game trailer

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - interview: "We want to preserve the heavy history of Ivalice from the PS2 FFXII," says game's producer

Dragon Quest Swords - hands-on: We sheathe our sword to bring you the latest from this swinging RPG for the Wii

Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII - new trailers report: We dissect two new trailers for details on the most beautiful Final Fantasy titles yet

Press Conference Report: Learn more about Crystal Chronicles for Wii, and the future of the Chocobo series

The Last Remnant unveiled: The first simultaneous release for Japan and the US! Square Enix hits us with a new, next-generation RPG epic. Tons of details inside