Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition goes 3D on PS3

Is the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue just not doing it for you anymore? Then your PS3 might have just what you're looking for, as it's the only place to find the buxom models filmed in stereoscopic 3D.

This year's model among models is Irina Shayk, who will be the source of ogling at bookstores and newsstands across the nation today. But for those wanting to get a little more intimate with Shayk, there's a 3D video available on the PlayStation Store that can titillate like nothing else (we guess?).

Thanks to a partnership between Sony and Sports Illustrated, PS3 owners will find 'Swimsuit in 3D' - a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoots - on the digital download store. Shayk and others will be practically popping out of the screen (perhaps some parts more than others) as they pose for the sophisticated 3D cameras. For those who don't have a 3D TV, but want to fantasize about what 3D 'fanservice' consists of, the video is also available in 2D.

Everyone else can also enjoy the more than 12 hours of additional, non-3D footage available on the PlayStation Store, including an hour-long Making of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011. Yes, it's an hour long, which brings up the question: who the hell cares enough about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition to actually read it, never mind watch an hour-long making of video?

Well whatever, it's still a better use of stereoscopic 3D than most things. The bad news is that 3D video actually costs money, but if you just want a cheap thrill, there's a three-minute preview video available for free. And three minutes may be all you need...

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

Feb 15, 2011