SPONSORED: Zamboner: Behind the Musicianship presented by Rocksmith

Bro, you haven’t heard o Zamboner?! They’re like the sickest fictional rock band ever, as you’ll find out in the following mini-mock-rockumentary. Follow guitarist Keb Blastwrench and his inanimate band of merry misfits as they grow from no-talent dipshit amateurs to hardened lumberjacks of Pure Shred thanks to the power of focused practice, tutorial gameplay, and thinly-veiled viral marketing. It might surprise you to learn that not even next-gen consoles are immune to the spoils of worldwide fame, money, and ego.

Big thanks to Rocksmith and Ubisoft for their support of this ridiculous video. And special thanks to GR reader, brockstar, who inspired the guitarist’s name

Oct 18, 2011