SPOILER: Portal 2 a prequel?

Valve has put out a job advertisement for a voice over role in Portal 2, which amazingly gives up some spoilerific info on the game's plot. Read no further if you don't want to spoil things for yourself.

The casting is for character Cave Johnson - the boss of Aperture (the company that developed the Portal Gun) who, according to the plot of the first game and the real-world Aperture science website, is dead. Or is he?

He seems to play a pretty big role in the next game, in which the casting call says he "goes from sidekick to principle antagonist", suggesting we could be in for a history-exposing prequel. Or that he wasn't dead in the first place?

The ad (from subscriber-onlyBreakdown Express, viaKotaku) also explains that he "starts to lose his grip on humanity as the story progresses", while confirming that the game will maintain the dark comedy tone of the original.

CVG had a nice chat with Valve's Doug Lombardi back in April, who told us of the team's lofty ambitions for the next Portal game. Check outwhat we had to say here.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 10, 2008