How to finish Splitgate Races fast

Splitgate races
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The Splitgate Race system is a handy minigame to learn your way around the maps, but it’s also a lot of fun. If you thought Splitgate's combat was hard, you haven’t seen the Splitgate Races yet. In fact, many Splitgate players are actively trying to break the world record by sprinting, jumping, flying, and portaling faster than anyone else.

As Splitgate Races are quite tough (looking at you, Olympus Race), here are some essential tips to help you on your way. They might not make you a Splitgate Race world record holder immediately, but they’ll get you a head start.

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How to complete Splitgate Races fast

Splitgate races

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The idea behind the Splitgate Races is simple: there’s a map full of ‘oddballs’ (the silvery disco balls) that you need to grab in the correct order as quickly as possible. The ten best global time records are displayed on the leaderboard. Naturally, it’s far from easy to get your name up there. 

Splitgate Races are all about placing your portals in the right locations at the right times. If you want to put down a new record, the best way to start is by learning the fastest route for each individual map. Familiarize yourself with the map and take your time to complete your first few runs. Once you’ve discovered the optimal ways to place your portals, it’s time to increase your speed. Here are some useful tips for every Splitgate Race!

Splitgate Olympus Race

Splitgate races

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  • Although the first seven oddball locations on the Olympus map are fairly straightforward, this Splitgate Race is one of the hardest to complete.
  • Right after getting oddball number 9, shoot a portal on the blue wall in front of you before falling down the cylinder (see picture). Then cast another one below you at the bottom of the cylinder.
  • After you fly through the wall, there’s another oddball right in front of you. Cast a portal behind it, but keep the portal at the bottom of the cylinder open. This will boost you upwards to oddballs 13 and 14.
  • If this sounds way too complicated, consider landing next to the cylinder and have a look at the walls first. You can still gain momentum jumping down.
  • Oddball 15 is in the red cylinder outside. You can cast a portal next to it and another one above you while still flying upwards to make use of your momentum. If that’s a bit much though (totally understandable), you can also fly there directly using the jetpack.
  • Oddball 16 is on the other side of the small tunnel. Just cast a portal in that direction to get there.
  • Cast a portal on the higher cube before jumping down to get oddball 18. If you manage to gain enough momentum, you’ll be able to collect oddball 19 to 24 all in one go (no portals needed).
  • After landing on 24, cast a portal on the wall in the distance behind it. You then need to jump very far down to grab oddball 25 and then use the momentum to get all the remaining oddballs.

Splitgate Stadium Race

Splitgate races

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  • You can immediately save a few seconds at the start of the Splitgate Stadium Race by shooting a portal on the wall to the right (second oddball location) and the other one directly behind you while grabbing the first ball. 
  • The next oddballs are all close to portal walls, so try to use the triple portal technique.
  • When grabbing the ball on the sloped wall, make a pro move by shooting a portal on the wall to your right while still in flight (see picture for the location), and the other one on the floor below the next oddball. Then use your jetpack to grab the next two balls right away.
  • When you start the underground section near the end of the Splitgate Stadium Race, you’ll find several balls right next to each other. Now, this is important: you don’t need to portal for these. If a ball is just a few paces away, sprinting is faster.

Splitgate Pantheon Race

Splitgate races

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  • Start with some triple portaling. Right after getting oddball number 5, shoot a portal on the floor outside and the second one on the floor directly below you. Use the jetpack to fly up the rocks immediately.
  • While running towards number 10, shoot a portal on the high wall in front of you (see picture) and the second one on the floor below.
  • Use your momentum and your jetpack while flying through that high wall to reach number 12.
  • Try to keep momentum while grabbing oddball 16, or you won’t be able to fly up towards 17 in one go.
  • The last oddball in the Splitgate Pantheon Race is in the middle of the high building. Don’t try to fly over; just shoot a portal right beneath it and fly back through the portal beneath you (on the sloped wall). You’ll grab it immediately thanks to your momentum.

Splitgate Helix Race

Splitgate races

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  • You can get the first four oddballs without using portals. After that, the Splitgate Helix Race is all about anticipation and keeping the momentum going (rather than triple portals).
  • After getting 4, you’ll save precious time by running straight into the cube and out through the wall on the left (see portals in picture). Then cast one on the wall further to the left and dive straight in another one on top of the cube. 
  • Pay extra attention to oddballs 12, 13, and 14 as well. When flying down towards oddball 12, try to shoot a portal inside the high building and another one directly below 12. Now you want to keep that momentum to fly through the deep chamber and grab 13 and 14 in one go.

Splitgate Club Silo Race

Splitgate races

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  • Oddball 5 in the Splitgate Club Silo Race is already a tricky one. Try to fly up directly after grabbing oddball 4.
  • When flying upwards, shoot a portal behind oddball 7 (see picture) and then one below you for a great time-saving shortcut.
  • Another great opportunity to save time, is right after collecting oddball 13; shoot a portal behind 14 and one on the lower floor just outside the chamber you’re currently in. Jumping through will give you enough momentum to fly up and grab 14, 15, 16, and 17 in one go (towards the lower left).
  • The final two oddballs are hard to reach. Try to shoot a portal inside the giant squid building in the middle of the Club Silo map, then fly down through a second portal while grabbing oddball number 28, and the momentum will do the rest.

Splitgate Atlantis Race

Splitgate races

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  • The Atlantis Race is one of the easier Splitgate Races as the oddball locations are not that hard to spot. Get the first four oddballs by simply using sprint.
  • Make sure you use your momentum and the jetpack to fly towards oddball 8 right after collecting 7.
  • From oddball number 13 onwards, keep using the triple portal technique to get the rest as fast as possible (until oddball 23). Just step through a portal, shoot another one behind the next oddball, step back, shoot a portal behind the next oddball location, step back, and keep doing that. 
  • Pay special attention to oddball 18; you need to hit the corner of the blue wall (see picture).

Splitgate Highwind Race

Splitgate races

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  • The Splitgate Highwind Race has a difficult start. Be sure to shoot a portal high on the wall above you and behind oddball 2 right in front of you as soon as the timer starts. Make a little jump to avoid falling down before reaching oddball 4.
  • Oddball 11 will be in front of a high wall again, but don’t allow yourself to fall down. Shoot a portal behind it, then another one higher up that same wall, and make a jump again.
  • Before you drop all the way down to get oddball 17, shoot a portal on the faraway wall on your right (see picture), then cast the second portal beneath you as you’re falling. Keep that momentum to grab the next oddballs as well.
  • Before dropping down to get oddball 29, cast a portal on the blue wall high up in front of you. If you don’t manage to keep momentum, just run to the final oddball nearby.

Splitgate Abyss Race

Splitgate races

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  • The Splitgate Abyss Race requires some quick portal-casting, but the locations are fairly easy to spot. 
  • Start by using some triple portals, then turn around to your right and use the jetpack after getting to oddball 6. Be sure to cast a portal on the wall to the left while running for oddballs 7, 8, and 9 (see picture).
  • When jumping for 10, cast another portal on the high wall in front of you again, and another one below oddball 11. Your momentum will help you get from 12 to 15 quickly.
  • You need to keep up this pattern of casting portals on the high wall before jumping down to the floor below you. Ultimately, it will launch you into a tunnel where you’ll find the final oddballs of the Splitgate Abyss Race.

Splitgate Oasis Race

Splitgate races

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  • The Splitgate Oasis Race is fairly easy compared to others. Just sprint to the first four oddballs, then cast a portal on the slope to the right (see picture) before jumping down to oddball 5.
  • While flying towards number 8, cast a portal on the distant wall to the left. Before grabbing oddball 11, cast one to the left again. 
  • The final part offers a great time-saving opportunity. After entering the room with the five remaining oddballs, shoot a portal in the right corner further away while collecting the first oddball directly to your right. Portal to that location, then triple portal directly to the third oddball in this room, then turn around the corner to the left to grab the rest.

Splitgate Lavawell Race

Splitgate races

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  • Cast a portal in the room below while jumping for oddball 4. There’s a lot of triple portaling after this point.
  • Be especially mindful of oddball 14; there’s lava right behind it. You need to move to the side a bit to cast your next portal (see picture).
  • The trickiest part of the Splitgate Lavawell Race starts when you need to jump down to grab three oddballs (23, 24, and 25) in a row. Before you make the jump, make sure you leave a portal on the blue wall behind you (the one with the ‘Lavawell Research Facility’ sign). Fly through the portal below you to get enough momentum for the remaining oddballs.

Splitgate Crag Race

Splitgate races

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  • Cast a portal to the left and another one in front of you for the fastest start.
  • Oddball 6 is down the waterfall, but cast a portal on the higher blue wall in front of you before making the jump.
  • After getting to oddball 11 using your momentum, turn sharply to the left to shoot the next portal behind the oddball in the distance.
  • Number 15 is another deep dive down, be sure to cast a portal on the high wall to the left first (see picture).
  • If you’re fast enough, you can cast your portals on the two blue walls to collect 18 and 19 immediately.
  • After oddball 25, turn directly to the left and jump down. This is the hardest part of the Splitgate Crag Race; while still in the air, turn left and shoot a portal at the high blue wall in the distance. If it’s too hard, try casting the portal below first.

Splitgate Impact Race

Splitgate races

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  • Before grabbing the second oddball, shoot a portal on the blue wall to the upper right (see picture) for a quick start.
  • While flying down to grab 4, cast a portal behind oddball 5 in the distance.
  • Before collecting oddball 8 while flying downwards, cast a portal on the wall to your left. You’ll see that oddball 10 is quite far away when you come out, so try casting a portal behind it and drop down through the circle below you to take a shortcut.
  • From this point onwards, the Splitgate Impact Race is just a string of triple portal oddballs until you reach number 25 (on your right, inside the building).

Splitgate Foregone Destruction Race

Splitgate races

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  • You’ll see the second oddball right in front (so cast a portal immediately), but the first one is actually below you. 
  • Before collecting oddball 3, cast a portal on the lower wall to the far left while flying through the air.
  • Do some triple portaling until you jump down for oddball 13. You’ll see the next one in front of you while falling down, so be ready to cast a portal. Unless you’re a Splitgate racing pro, it’s probably wise to cast the portal below you first.
  • Keep doing the triple portals until you’re about to jump down for oddball number 22; cast another portal on the sloped wall to the right first (see picture).

Hopefully these tips will help you get a high Splitgate Race score. All there’s left to do now is practice, practice, and practice some more.

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