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Spidey reboot officially titled The Amazing Spider-Man

amazing spider-man

The Spider-Man reboot has finally been given an official title and it’s… The Amazing Spider-Man !

After months of being variously referred to as Spider-Man 4 and (our personal favourite) The Untitled Spider-Man Reboot Directed By Marc Webb , Sony have at last settled on that comic-linking title.

Which won’t come as a huge surprise to comic readers of the world, and probably means they’ll title any sequels with similar superlatives ( The Spectacular Spider-Man for number two, anyone?).

Not only that, but Sony have also let loose a second official shot of Garfield (we assume) in the Spidey suit, this one now complete with that iconic mask.

And it’s another departure from Raimi’s films, with those enlarged yellow eyes far more slanting than those adorning Tobey Maguire's outfit.

Still, we like them. They’re in keeping with the rest of the hyper-stylish suit, and give our favourite webby hero a dark anime look.

The Amazing Spider-Man opens in 3D on 3 July, 2012.