6 questions I have after watching Spider-Man: Homecoming

Full of action, humour, and teenage angst, Spider-Man: Homecoming is a more traditional kid-with-a-secret-identity superhero movie. And while it gives fans pretty much everything they could hope for from another Spidey movie, there’s still a few things we need to clear up. Here’s the questions I have after watching Homecoming (which hopefully its sequels will answer), including what else can that incredible Stark-made Spider-Man suit do!? If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I’d recommend coming back to this feature after you have as it does contain spoilers, but otherwise read on and let me know if there’s anything else you want to know in the comments below.

1. What else can the Stark Spidey suit do?

Because 576 possible web combinations just isn’t enough. Tony Stark surprised us all with the amazing gadgets his Spider-Man suit had once the Training Wheels Protocol was disabled, but do we really think he’d stop with web grenades and an automatic parachute? This is Tony Stark we’re talking about. There’s got to be more cool weapons and abilities hidden in there somewhere. Plus, Karen is going have to give Peter a proper rundown of all the functions of his suit at some point… we really need to know what that kill mode does! 

2. Are Captain America and Iron Man friends now?

When Happy is loading up the last of the valuables from Avengers Tower for transport to the new Avengers HQ upstate, he lists of a few goodies which definitely shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. Amongst them is “Cap’s new shield”... you see what I’m getting at here. If Tony has made Captain America another new shield doesn’t that kind of imply that the pair have made up post-Civil War? I don’t know about you but I thought they were still on the outs at the end of that movie, despite Steve’s moving letter. So what got Tony to the point where he felt ok replacing Cap’s very battered and broken shield? 

3. Are Pepper Potts and Tony Stark getting married?

It might sound like a trivial question, but I want to know if there’s an MCU wedding coming up, ok?! The end of Spider-Man: Homecoming left everything a little vague after Pepper Potts told Tony she was sure they could think of a better announcement than their engagement to cover up the fact Peter had turned the Avengers down. While accidentally calling an unnecessary press conference might not be the best reason in the world to get hitched, after multiple movies and lots of break-ups and getting back together, I think it’s about time these crazy kids made it official. What do you say?

4. When will that fancy-ass Spidey suit get its own outing?

Talking about that press conference, you’ll remember that right before Tony asked Peter if he wanted to officially join the Avengers, he revealed to him a brand new Spider-Man suit. It was all shiny, and had different colours, and… it was all shiny! While I think Peter made the right decision turning Tony down, I really want to see what the Spidey suit Mark 2 can do. Especially considering everything his first Stark-made suit was capable of once the Training Wheels Protocol was disabled. Maybe Karen will have had an update too and will stop suggesting kill mode at the drop of a hat…

5. Will Aunt May stop Peter from being Spider-Man?

I was more than a little surprised to see Aunt May discover Peter’s other identity at the end of the movie, not least because it’s surely going to create problems for the teenage superhero. Sure, it’s pretty tough living with someone who doesn’t know the real reason why you sneak out all night but what’s going to happen now she knows? She surely won’t want Peter putting himself in danger, even if he does have superpowers, and I expect she’ll have a few choice words for Tony Stark when she finds out that he’s been encouraging her nephew. Maybe they’ll come up with a rota in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2… Peter can find crime on Tuesday and Thursdays but the rest of the time he needs to be home doing his school work. 

6. Will the Vulture reveal Spider-Man’s true identity? 

Unlike most traditional superhero movies Homecoming ends with the villain, the Vulture, AKA Adrian Toomes, knowing the true identity of Spider-Man. Usually when this happens, the baddie dies shortly thereafter (through no fault of the hero’s) never to tell his secret to another soul, but as one of Homecoming’s post-credits scenes pointed out, this is not the case for the newest Peter Parker. In prison, Toomes is approached by one of the criminals Spidey took out on the Staten Island Ferry saying that there’s a rumour Toomes knows Spider-Man’s true identity. My heart sank when I realised Spidey’s mistake but Toomes just turned to him and said, “If I knew who he was, he’d already be dead.” Phew! It doesn’t look like Toomes is ready to give Peter up yet but is that because he’s still good deep down or because he’s saving him for himself? Either way, this important plot point has to come up again at some point during the Homecoming trilogy, right?

Lauren O'Callaghan

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