Spider-Man: Homecoming adds Community's Donald Glover in mystery role

When Sony announced plans to reboot Spider-Man back in 2011 one of the names being tossed around to take on the role was Donald Glover, a casting which would likely have introduced audiences to the Miles Morales version of the character as seen in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics (which are absolutely worth a read). Ultimately Andrew Garfield headlined the less than Amazing Spider-Man movies, but it looks like Glover is getting his chance to star in a Spider-Man film after all.

According to Deadline, the Community star has joined the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming. What role he's playing is anyone's guess at this point - though it's safe to assume that it won't be Spider-Man - but I'd be surprised if it turns out to be a wholly new creation as opposed to someone we're already familiar with in the comics.

While I haven't watched Community (for my sins) I've enjoyed Glover's performances in Magic Mike XXL and The Martian, and his casting is another big win for Spider-Man: Homecoming. In the unlikelihood that Jon Watts & co have figured out a smart way introduce Miles Morales in the film, here's hoping whatever character Glover ends up playing makes good use of his talent.   

Directed by Jon Watts and starring Tom Holland, Marisa Tomei, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr, Donald Glover, and Zendaya, Spider-Man: Homecoming will swing into cinemas on July 7, 2017.

Images: 20th Century Fox

Amon Warmann

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