Spider-Man 3 is unstoppable!

Spider-Man 3 destroyed practically every box office record known to man this weekend, providing further proof that audiences don’t actually care what critics have to say about anything.

It may have received more three-star reviews than any other Spider-flick, but Sam Raimi and Sony won’t be bothered - because Spidey The Third has broken every record you’d care to mention (highest single-day takings, biggest opening weekend) and some you probably wouldn’t (widest opening).

Taking $151 million at home, and $231 million in the rest of the world (hitting the number one spot in all of the 107 territories eligible to watch it), Spider-Man 3 even saw fit to break all Imax records, taking $4.8 million over 84 screens, just for a laugh, probably.

Spidey really was the only story this weekend, with 80% of all cinemagoers in the world turning up to see the film TF rewarded with four of our precious stars.

The only other new release was Lucky You, and, quite frankly, its $2.7 million take-home looks positively embarrassing next to The Curse Of The Black Costume, so we'll do our best to ignore it.