Soulcalibur 2 HD could get post-release content or Wii U version if demand is there

Right now, Namco Bandai has no plans for post-release content or a Wii U version of its upcoming HD remake of Soulcalibur 2. Instead, the team is focusing on getting the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network versions out the door with updated graphics and a robust online system. But just because it's not currently in the works, doesn't mean it's not in the cards. If there's a demand, anything is possible.

At a pre-TGS event, we asked the developers if it would be possible for there to be some sort of post-release content for the HD remake. It wouldn't be the first HD rerelease to get DLC that wasn't available for the original--Age of Empires II's HD remake was followed by totally unique DLC--and there have been plenty of characters added to the Soulcalibur franchise since SC2 came out a decade ago. We were told that, if the game does well, it's definitely a possibility.

But there's one character that couldn't be added to the 360 or PS3 version of the game: Link. The Hylian hero was exclusive to the GameCube version, but as of now, there's no Wii U release in the works. When the developers were asked about a Wii U version (and, of course, the ability to add Link back into the game), we were told that it could happen if Namco Bandai sees a demand. They even suggested an outlet for the demand, saying that gamers could spam the producer's Twitter (@hoshino_calibur) if they're interested. In other words: Wii U owners, get to it!

Hollander Cooper

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