Sony's Leipzig conference roundup

Emerging straight out of Sony's press conference currently underway at the Leipzig Games Convention are Sony's plans to turn PS3 into a digital TV receiver and recorder with a new PlayTV service due early 2008.

Sony will release a small digital tuner box (pictured) that will enable PlayTV on your PS3, which will allow you to record and (simultaneously) watch freeview digital TV.

Users will also be able to transmit the signal to their PSP via Wi-Fi locally, or via the internet using Remote Connection to watch programs stored on their PS3 on the handheld.

"With the ability to watch, pause and record live TV from a huge range of free channels, PlayTV reinforces PS3's rightful place in the Living Room at the heart of the family's entertainment needs," says Sony.

Go!Explore meanwhile will bring satellite navigation functionality to the handheld. "Incorporating a GPS receiver and the UMD (Universal Media Disc) software containing your chosen maps, Go!Explore will offer a top quality Satellite Navigation system at an affordable price," explains Sony. How affordable that price will be is currently a secret that only Sony knows.

Sony has also confirmed that the new slim PSP will launch in UK and Europe on September 5. Three main colours will be released: Piano Black, Ceramic White and Ice Silver, while two limited edition models, Spiderman Red and Black and Simpsons Yellow will also be released exclusively to Europe.

We'll have more in-depth information on all of Sony's announcements after the info storm settles. Look out for new Killzone shots too.