Sony Pictures developing 7 TV shows and 3 movies based on PlayStation franchises

Tom Holland in the Uncharted movie
(Image credit: Sony)

The CEO of Sony Pictures has revealed it's developing seven TV shows and three movies from its video game-related portfolio.

Speaking to CNBC on earlier this week (via MediaPost), Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra stated there'll be much more integration going forward between Sony's entertainment products, particular from PlayStation franchises. In total, Vinciquerra revealed there's a total of seven TV shows and three movies based on PlayStation properties in active development at Sony Pictures.

Vinciquerra added that there's a program within the company called "One Sony," which aims to bring together Sony-owned companies. It's through this program that the aforementioned TV shows and movies will be developed and released.

The question is, what could these ten total properties be? The Tom Holland-led Uncharted movie adaptation recently wrapped up filming, and it's not hard to imagine Sony potentially exploring a sequel to the movie. We're not sure whether Vinciquerra's figures include the forthcoming The Last of US TV show that's being developed externally by HBO.

Elsewhere in the CNBC interview, the Sony Pictures CEO comments on studios opting to release movies simultaneously across cinemas and streaming services. While Vinciquerra doesn't see Sony Pictures offering the same flexibility that other companies like Warner Bros. have with streaming new movies, he does believe that a new timed window of 30 days between cinemas releases and streaming releases makes sense for Sony.

Sony Pictures pushed back a number of movies into 2021 release windows, including Morbius, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, among others. Looking further ahead, a slew of Sony movies like the ever-expanding Spider-Man 3 still don't have firm release windows.

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