Sony hires a Mythological Veterinarian

And so the influence of Dr Doolittle continues to rattle round Hollywood years after Eddie Murphy hung up his stethoscope. Sony has just nabbed a comedy pitch called Mythological Veterinarian, which is not about a legendary vet.

Nope, it’s about an ordinary animal healer who swaps his days of worming dogs and getting cats to take pills while not being killed for something a little different when he’s recruited by a secret society. Seems that most of the world’s most famous mythological creatures are real – and they need some treatment.

Jimmy Miller, a producer who often works with Judd Apatow and Will Ferrell, is busy developing Andrew Kurtzman’s script. We say give it to Peter Davison – his years in All Creatures Great And Small were the perfect training for the part! Variety is checking the temperature .