Sons of the Forest fans mourn Kelvin

The Sons of the Forest protagonist checks if Kelvin is okay
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Sons of the Forest fans are mourning the loss of their beloved Kelvins after the game's developers addressed his clumsy AI in the latest update.

The indie team behind Sons of the Forest (opens in new tab) recently revealed plans to improve the artificial intelligence of your two non-playable companions (opens in new tab), Kelvin and Virginia. For Kelvin, this was chiefly around the type of activities you can ask him to complete (or not, as the case may be), whilst Virginia would get a little braver when it comes to protecting you, particularly if you've loaned her a weapon or three. 

The changes in Kelvin are palpable for some, though, and they've together united in mourning the Kelvin we all knew and (kind of) loved.

butthat_was_his_favorite from r/TheForest

Specifically commenting on the single line in the patch notes that says, "Fixed Kelvin cutting down trees with player structures attached", a player on the game's bustling subreddit (opens in new tab) added a meme stating: "Look how they massacred my boy".

"Kelvin isn't Kelvin anymore," added one commenter, whilst another mourned: "He was sooo good at getting logs".

"Ok, that's it, I'm replacing Kelvin," asserted another. "Next cannibal that walks in the gate is my new companion".

"I hate Kelvin now," added one very dark, unhappy player. 

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The survival horror game might've only just launched in early access at the end of February, but it hasn't taken long for speedrunners to dissect Sons of the Forest thoroughly… and right now, the world record for completing it is seven minutes and 38 seconds. And that's without hurting a soul, too.

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