Sons of the Forest dev answers your questions and says there are "really cool ideas" on the way

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The indie team behind Sons of the Forest says it has plans to improve the artificial intelligence of your two non-playable companions, Kelvin and Virginia.

Responding to questions posted via the game's recent Reddit Q&A (thanks, PC Gamer (opens in new tab)), Sons of the Forest (opens in new tab) developer Endnight has "big plans" to overhaul the range of tasks each character can perform.

For Kelvin, this will chiefly be around the type of activities you can ask him to complete (or not, as the case may be), whilst it's hoped Virginia will get a little braver when it comes to protecting you, particularly if you've loaned her a weapon or three. 

"We have big plans to keep adding tasks Kelvin can complete, some ideas in progress are having are having him help construct a wall around your base, or fortify/repair the base when needed," the team said, as seen in the helpful video below.

"For Virginia, we plan to add more to her AI, particularly giving her more bravery if she has a weapon, and also depending on how many mutants/cannibals she has killed."

There are also plans to add new "ghosts" or blueprints to your building options, as well as more "ambient actions for the cannibals to do around their villages". 

We can also expect a "more advanced cooking system" that will come into the game in a future patch "once it's further developed", which should be good news for those of us who cry every time we kill a baby deer.

Finally, the team did tease that it had a "really cool idea" for faster forms of transportation, but it held off from getting "into details in case it isn't as fun as we think it might be, or doesn't work well with the environment". 

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