Netflix gives first look at new animated Sonic series

Sonic Prime
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has unveiled the first look at Sonic Prime, a new computer-animated series based on everybody's favorite hedgehog.

The streaming platform released a trailer full of short previews for its upcoming slate of animated shows. The end of the clip shows Sonic zooming through rings in Green Hill Zone (the first level of the original Sonic the Hedgehog game) before stopping to say, "I'm good! And powerful, apparently. Jealous?"

Sonic Prime is the sixth animated show based on the Sega games, the second to be computer-animated, and the first-ever to premiere on a streaming service.

Sonic Prime

(Image credit: Netflix)

The series was officially announced in 2021, as a joint venture between Sega, Man of Action Entertainment, and Wildbrain – the latter of which previously adapted Mega Man for Cartoon Network.

According to showrunner Joe Kelly (producer of Ben 10 and writer of Big Hero 6: The Series), Sonic will be "thrust into a high-speed adventure, through the strange and mysterious Shatterverse. It's up to Sonic to save the universe and along the way experience moments of self-discovery and redemption."

Previously leaked concept art (H/T Polygon) teased a showdown between Sonic and multiple versions of Dr. Robotnik. The Shatterverse is supposed to be a multiverse of sorts, in which Sonic will encounter different variants of Amy Rose and Tails.

Netflix has ordered 24 episodes of the series, which is expected to premiere sometime in 2022.

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