Sonic creator making NiGHTS 3? Or is it Sonic Adventure 3? Or a bit of both?

Having been responsible for the blue hedgehog's Mega Drive glory days and NiGHTS' Saturn debut during his days at Sega, Naka-san now looks set to take back control of both - albeit in a totally unofficial way - with his new, non-Sega game Rodea the Sky Soldier. The joint 3DS and Wii release might not be a genuine continuation of either series, but good lord, does it look a lot like both. And we've got a trailer to prove it.

Above: Check outFamitsufor a slightly better quality version

If you readmy storyon the game's announcement last week, you'll know that I flagged it up (based purely on the release artwork andNaka-san's gameplay description) as a cross between Skies of Arcadia and NiGHTS. Was I right? Of course I was. I always am. Mix in some very Sonic Adventure springs and camera movement for goodmeasureand you end up witha great big ball of "Screw you guys, I'm having my games back!" And Naka's right to do so. Sega just can't be trusted with its old IP.

As for how exactly it'll play, Naka's earlier comments are now making more sense. It seems that rather than having constant direct control over Rodea, you'll continually update his flight path with a point and click interface, using the Wii remote and presumably the 3DS' stylus. It looks pretty neat, all things considered, with a unique rhythm and flow all of its own. If Naka can marry the control scheme to some satisfyingly paced levels and set-pieces (which it so far looks like he can), then this could be a bit of a stunner.

And seriously, isn't it nice to see a proper Sega game on the way again, even if it isn't officially a Sega game? Big blue skies. Bright colours. Simple but exciting central mechanics. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Dreamcast o' clock.

David Houghton
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