Someone's remaking Metal Gear Solid in Dreams, proving we are not ready for this game

Dreams is still in early access, but that hasn’t stopped people from making frankly stunning things in it. We’ve seen Spider-Ham in it already, but now someone is remaking Metal Gear Solid in Dreams. Yes, as in the game from 1998, over - oh sweet lord, from over 20 years ago. Anyway, if you’ve played it and can already feel that sweet, sweet nostalgia coursing through your veins, then you’ll want to watch the YouTube video below, which shows off Bearly Regal’s (yeah, I see what you did there) work. 

It’s currently in the pre-alpha stages, so you’ll have to be patient while Bearly Regal completes his project. At the moment according to the description of his video he’s working on adding animated environment details like ripples, drips, and rats, plus adding character models for Solid, Liquid, and patrolling guards. Then there’s working controls to come in the form of sneaky animations, but I gotta say: the Metal Gear Solid remake looks pretty impressive so far. 

It’s going to be a sight to behold when people start being able to make other things in Dreams, as so far the Dreams Creator early access mode is full of amazing creations, like a Ghost of Tsushima tribute, an eerily realistic robot face, and a replica of Tomorrowland. If this is the kind of thing people are making now, when Dreams finally gets a full release some time in 2019 you should prepare yourself for some creations that’ll make your eyes sing with happiness. And maybe your mouth too. 

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Zoe Delahunty-Light

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