Someone has overhauled Cyberpunk 2077's audio with this 11GB mod

Cyberpunk 2077
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A modder has come to the rescue to fix the "poor" audio issues with Cyberpunk 2077.

The fix, which was released on Nexus Mods by Floyd2099 (opens in new tab), changes about 800 of the game's audio files to modify and enhance them to make "a proper audio mix and balance".

Some of the audio issues addressed range from combat music being too loud, songs on the radio being inaudible, and various sound-mixing issues present in the base game.

According to the mod page on the Nexus, the modder explains they made this overhaul since Cyberpunk 2077 they feel has: "poor (no) audio mix", and clarifying "I mean... When you see that some musics [sic] in the same 'mood' can be 20% louder than the previous one for no reason with the voices or the sounds effects sticking in the same lower volume range".

The mod description says that this mod changes about 800 audio files in the game, like tweaking nightclub music so that it doesn't completely drown out the dialogue, for example.

"To be more specific on what the mod does, for instance, loud audio on a nightclub will be still loud, but now can now listen to what other people are telling you!  Combat music is still loud, less annoying because the difference between ambient music is now acceptable. This list of what I did is still pretty long and depend on each file but don't forget that the purpose is more to make a proper audio mix".

The entire download is 11GB, which for any mod is a hefty toll to demand from your computer. Regardless, it seems to be getting praise in the comments section on the Nexus, with one user saying "Thank you! your good work on the soundtracks fixed all my audio issues in my game, great job!"

The download can be found on Nexus Mods (opens in new tab), where it is available in 12 different parts and it is only available on the PC version of the game.

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