SOCOM: Confrontation to take on CoD4

Sony's SOCOM: Confrontation for PS3 will be aiming to take the PS3 online shooter crown from Activision's massively successful Call of Duty 4 when it arrives later this year.

The online-focused shooter will let up to 32 players fight in seven maps in battles of strategy and teamwork via PSN. Soldiers will be customisable, with weapons set by the player for the job at hand.

The game will promote clans, with a recruitment feature that allows you to group up with "free agents" or friends, with one player serving as the Squad Leader.

"Featuring some of the most highly trained Special Forces regiments in the world, SOCOM: Confrontation is, like all true military scenarios, all about strategy and teamwork," explains Sony.

"Reward your troops not only when they are brave and fearless but when they use intelligence and work as a team. Trawl the world for the best soldiers to strengthen your team as you lead your men against other highly skilled outfits."

Online play will be backed by a dedicated site,, where players can find stat tracking features and manage their teams even when out of reach of their PS3s.

Regular downloads will also be made available, "including new Special Forces characters weapons and maps," and regular online tournaments will also give you plenty of opportunities to prove your skills. Sony details: "Choose from pre-set tournaments tailored to your schedule; these run on weekdays and weekends and are split on a regional and global basis."

Sony says the game will boast "unrivalled community features with increased clan %26amp; ladder support."

But will it compete with the mighty CoD 4? We'll see. Check out ourSOCOM: Confrontationcoverage.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 1, 2008