So, who's been cast in the Wonder Women film, then?

A Warner Brothers and DC branded viral site has gone live and it promises to reveal the identity of a new Wonder Woman.

The question is - is it real? The Wonder Woman film has had a tortured development over the past seven years.

In that time Joss Whedon joined, developed, and left the project, a WWII based script was bought by Joel Silver then dumped in favour of a contemporary script spec... It seems hard to believe that the part is cast and ready to reveal.

Why So Serious?

But anyone who's been on the internet in the past year will remember The Dark Knight's brilliant Whysoserious campaign and this Wonder-Who site certainly appears to mimic it.

So whether it's a real site, an elaborate prank, or a cheap way of pushing the 2009 Wonder Woman animated film (we already know Keri Russell is in that one) we'll be keeping our eye on it.

Head for the site (opens in new tab) to see it for yourself.

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