So, movie legend Spike Lee is... doing the story mode in NBA 2K16. Really

The man who directed Malcolm X is writing and directing the story for a yearly sports game. Let that news sink in for a minute. Feeling ok? Good. So, Spike Lee is working with 2K on the MyCareer mode for NBA 2K16, and he's already started mo-capping with the team.

In addition to this rather exciting story mode, the game will feature three separate cover athletes this year - Stephen Curry, James Harden, Anthony Davis - and it'll be available on September 29 across the world. In fact, if you pre-order the game (and you're based in the UK, AND you do so through as-yet-unannounced retailers) you'll get to play the game early on September 25, with all kinds of pre-order goodies too. Cover athletes will be randomly distributed to buyers but... don't worry if you get a copy with Anthony Davis' terrifying mono-brow peeping at you, instead of James Harden's magnificent, lustrous beard. Each copy will have an additional sleeve inside the box, featuring the other two stars. So the choice is yours!

The 2K basketball games have been the cream of sports titles for several years, so this is all Excellent NewsTM. Fully in control of the hype train, and shovelling heaps coal into its engine like a man possessed, Greg Thomas - President of developer Visual Concepts - says, “Working with Spike Lee on NBA2K16’s MyCareer has elevated our most popular game experience from both a visual and narrative perspective.” He continues: “By writing and directing the MyCareer storyline, Spike brings the real world experience of the NBA to life like never before making NBA 2K16 the ultimate simulation.” All aboard, then.

NBA 2K16 is coming to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Sorry Wii U owners - you're digital lepers again this year.

Andy Hartup