Sniper Elite 3 war diaries locations guide

Mission 6: Kasserine Pass 

War Diaries: 8 

War Diary 1: When you get the side objective of destroying the two nebelwerfers, go to the first that is located to the northeast and across from it will be a ledge that the note is sitting on. To get there, go south and take the slope on the right up. There will be a doorway there that will take you to the right and outside to where the note is.

War Diary 2: When you come to this large entrance on the east side of the map, simply walk up the stairs and go through the centre door to find the note on the table.

War Diary 3: Just to the south of where you got the previous note, there is a small building along the road. Head to it and enter to find this next note inside.

War Diary 4: As you head west along the road from the previous note, you will come to two buildings on the left side. Inside the first will be the note sitting on a crate.

War Diary 5: When you take out the officer that is around the two buildings where the previous note was to get the safe combination, search his body to get the note.

War Diary 6: To the west of the large in-mountain building where the safe is kept, look for this small building on the right and enter it to find the note sitting on a green chest.

War Diary 7: Enter the sniper nest tower where Brauer was, and on the ground floor will be this note before you head up the stairs.

War Diary 8: When you reach the second landing inside the sniper nest tower, you will find the note sitting in the corner before you go up the ladder.

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