Skyrim VR reaches a new milestone: realistic dog petting

Skyrim VR
(Image credit: Bethesda)

All Skyrim mods are now obsolete, as a new one for the VR version of the game lets you pet dogs with realistic animations.

The PLANCK (Physical Animation and Character Kinetics) mod from NexusMods user FlyingParticle essentially makes it so that your interactions with NPCs look more believable. It does so by changing character animations to make any given NPC's ragdoll physically present at all times. The good folks over on Reddit are thoroughly amused by how you can slap around NPCs now, but there's a far more wholesome - and important, frankly - application for this particular mod: realistic dog petting.

As demonstrated by Cangar on YouTube, you can now bend down and pet dogs in Skyrim VR, and their shaggy little heads actually move around with the weight of your hand. Before, if you were really desperate to pet a dog, you could move your hand around the general area of the dog's head, but the dog would just sit there like, "what... are you doing?" Now, with the PLANCK mod, they'll actually react to your petting like the loving little blessings dogs really are.

As mentioned earlier, the mod also makes NPCs react appropriately to a slap, and it'll also make them hold still if you grab them. But who has time for that when there are dogs to realistically pet?

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