Skull and Bones is getting another closed beta in August

Skull and Bones screenshot
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The next Skull and Bones closed beta will take place from August 25 - 28, Ubisoft has announced.

During today's Ubisoft Forward 2023, we were treated to an original Skull and Bones "sea shanty" performed by the American a cappella group Home Free. No new gameplay was show, but we did get a good deal of cinematics of some pirates sailing around and a brief ship battle. Afterward, Ubisoft revealed the dates for the next Skull and Bones closed beta.

There have already been a few closed betas for the multiplayer pirate game, and we were fairly recently promised an open beta for all to play, but alas, here's where you can sign up for Skull and Bones' next closed beta.

Skull and Bones has been anything but predictable, having been delayed numerous times since it began development way back in 2013. And while we certainly would've loved to have a release date or even some gameplay footage, at least got something that isn't a delay or, worse yet, a complete no-show.

Skull and Bones puts you in the damp shoes of a low-ranking castaway at the start of the game, but if the winds flow in your favor you'll soon be feared as the scourge of the Indian Ocean. The third-person tactical gameplay takes place in an open-world that you can explore as a single-player or with up to five other players in PvP combat in the Disputed Waters area of the map.

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