The world of science fiction and fantasy is in uproar following the release of documents that turn the genre world upside down…

BBC memos reveal Hyperdrive was actually commissioned as a comedy series. #SFwikileaks

Leaked email reveals Simon Pegg owns world’s largest private collection of Jar Jar Binks merchandise. #SFwikileaks

Russell T Davies actually married with three kids, long-term subscriber to Nuts . #SFwikileaks

Mary Whitehouse is still alive and working in the States under the pseudonym Alan Ball. #SFwikileaks

Warner Bros execs “won’t work with men with ginger beards” because “they’re mentally unstable – just look at Van Gogh”. #SFwikileaks

All Steven Moffat’s scripts actually ghost-written by Pip & Jane Baker, who are imprisoned in his cellar. #SFwikileaks

William Shatner’s hair is 100% real, but the rest of him is plastic. #SFwikileaks

Latvarian ambassador calls Doctor Doom “impossible to work with”, “rubbish at keeping appointments” and “very well oiled, most of the time”. #SFwikileaks

Warehouse 13 staff slam Torchwood security as shoddy, unprofessional and slack. #SFwikileaks

Torchwood boss calls Warehouse 13 staff “horny… especially the tubby one. It’s great to have something to hang on to.” #SFwikileaks

Babylon 5 boss attempted to sue New Line claiming The Lord Of The Rings trilogy “ripped off all my ideas”. #SFwikileaks

George Lucas never existed until he was edited into the documentaries on the special edition DVD releases of Star Wars . He is, in fact, a CG character while the original creator of Star Wars , Wilfred Dillpickle III, has been airbrushed from history. #SFwikileaks

Alan Moore loves all the film versions of his comics and is paid by Hollywood to moan about them to create publicity. #SFwikileaks

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse didn’t understand the ending of Lost . #SFwikileaks

Iain Banks and Iain M Banks are identical clones. #SFwikileaks

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry found in breach of more than 100 health and safety regulations, faces imminent closure. #SFwikileaks

K9 prop found to contain an arthritic terrier, imprisoned since 1977. #SFwikileaks

Report shows that Christopher Eccleston quit Doctor Who because of “too many softy Southerners”. #SFwikileaks

Twilight created by US government social engineers to cut down on teenage pregnancy. #SFwikileaks

Syfy bosses had secret plan to eliminate all sci-fi from Syfy. #SFwikileaks

All the cast and crew on Chuck have been on the payroll of Subway since series two. #SFwikileaks

Peter Jackson secretly bought New Zealand in 2006. The whole actors' strike thing was an elaborate tax dodge. #SFwikileaks

Disney were planning a Tron prequel to be set inside an abacus. #SFwikileaks

BBC scrapped plans for a special Colin Baker section of the Doctor Who Experience where punters would face public humiliation before being unceremoniously booted out of the back door. #SFwikileaks

Emails from the BBC to Merlin producers reveal quotas for innuendo, topless shots and episodes featuring CG comedy characters. #SFwikileaks

Danny Elfman admits in letter to Hans Zimmer, “I’ve been using the same score on every film I’ve ever done with Tim; I suggest you do the same with Chris.” #SFwikileaks

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Skiffyleaks uncovered by Ian Berriman, John Cooper, Dave Golder and Will Salmon