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Simon Pegg on how J.J. Abrams will invigorate Star Wars

Simon Pegg is currently in cinemas for the first of two hugely anticipated summer 2013 blockbusters: Star Trek Into Darkness and The World’s End .

In the brand-new issue 207 of Total Film magazine - the Future 100 issue, which will be available from 10 May 2013 - we sit down with Pegg for a lengthy career chat, to talk about his journey from humble beginnings to sci-fi sequel mega-stardom and the end of the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy.

You can read the full interview inside the issue, but to whet your appetite, here’s an excerpt of what Pegg had to say when we asked how Trek director J.J. Abrams would invigorate the Star Wars franchise with Episode VII :

“What will he bring to the franchise? Everything that was missing from the last three. That’s what he did to Star Trek , really – invigorate it with a little bit of Star Wars magic. He switched it from science-fiction to science-fantasy.

“And I think if anyone can pull [Star Wars] out of the mire, it’s J.J. He’ll bring the fun back. Lucas seemed to misread what made the first ones great, and concentrate on things that people didn’t really care about, or wilfully ignore the things that people cared about. Whereas J.J. will embrace them all.

“We’re going to see the Millennium Falcon again. We’re going to see those characters again. All the things that we loved about the first three, we will see again."

Star Trek Into Darkness
is in UK cinemas now, and The World’s End opens on 19 July 2013. For much more from Pegg on Star Trek , Star Wars , The World’s End and Tom Cruise, pick up issue 207 of Total Film magazine, when it hits shops and Apple Newsstand on 10 May 2013.

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