Silent Hill legend hints they might be involved in upcoming games

Silent Hill
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One of the creative minds behind Silent Hill’s original trilogy, Masahiro Ito, has tweeted to hint that he could be involved in upcoming Silent Hill projects. 

Ito made the Tweet, seemingly marking a countdown, which lines up with the Silent Hill showcase going live later today. The showcase is set to show off multiple projects in the franchise, and Ito seems to be hinting he's working with at least some of them. 

For seasoned Silent Hill fans, Ito’s involvement would be a huge vote of confidence for anything Konami is planning to do with the franchise. He worked through the series’ original trilogy as a monster designer, alongside other roles, and is responsible for many of the iconic enemies such as Pyramid Head, Nurses, and Lying Figures. He’s responsible for visualizing many of the nightmarish visuals players have come to love about the series, and a massive part of the look and feel of the franchise.

It’s unclear exactly what's getting revealed tonight in the showcase, but there are high hopes that the series might announce new games. There have been rumors circulating about multiple Silent Hill games being in the works, including a Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Team. Adding fuel to the fire, a Silent Hill game was rated in Korea recently as well, further hinting at the long dormant franchise’s return.

If Konami could attach Ito to any of these rumored projects, it would suggest that the original spirit of the legendary horror games could be recaptured. That'll be paramount to Silent Hill fans, as nailing the atmosphere of those original games will be important to the series’ revival.  

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