Multiple Silent Hill projects, including something called 'Silent Hill: Ascension' leak ahead of showcase

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Multiple projects appear to have leaked ahead of Konami's Silent Hill showcase, including one title that appears to be called Silent Hill: Ascension.

The source of the leak is Konami's own Youtube video. As noted on Resetera, the metadata from the stream's waiting room refers to a bunch of video tags relating to Silent Hill. Among those are what's expected to be a Silent Hill 2 remake (which Konami is already copyrighting under the name Silent Hill 2: Part 1), a trailer for the upcoming movie, titled Return to Silent Hill, and two more mysterious tags.

Those tags are 'Silent Hill Transmission' and 'Silent Hill: Ascension'. The former looks like it might just be a means of stitching together different parts of the show, but the colon in the latter reads like a subtitle, hinting at what might be a new game.

We'll have to wait for the Silent Hill showcase to be sure, but if you'll permit me some rank speculation, Ascension sounds like a multiplayer game. Silent Hill is about survival, not domination, so I'd be surprised if this was a new single-player experience, especially with that remake potentially on the horizon. To my mind, the name 'Ascension' fits some kind of Dead by Daylight-esque asynchronous multiplayer game, but we'll have to wait to find out for sure.

This new information lines up with previous leaks suggesting that multiple Silent Hill projects are currently in the works, with Bloober Team handling the rumoured Silent Hill 2 remake. Fans are already excited, after series veteran Masahiro Ito hinted at his potential involvement in the future of Silent Hill, so tonight could be a big one.

Looks like our list of the best Silent Hill games might soon need an update.

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