Konami seems to have leaked its own Silent Hill 2 remake announcement

Silent Hill 2
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Update: Information corroborating some kind of Silent Hill 2 remake has appeared via the YouTube link for today's showcase.

A post on resetera outlines the metadata tags for the show, referring to Silent Hill 2, the Return to Silent Hill movie, and something called Silent Hill: Ascension. Steam and PlayStation tags are also present, hinting at PC and PS5/PS4 releases, but there's no mention of Xbox consoles.

Original story: Konami may have accidentally revealed that an upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake could be released in multiple parts. 

The revelation comes from Survival Horror Network, who claims in a Tweet (via Reddit) that they received an email from Twitch, saying that Konami flexed their copyright to monetize or receive analytics about the broadcast. The stream was meant to be a test, readying the channel for today’s Silent Hill showcase. However, interestingly, the ‘copyrighted content’ listed by Konami was titled Silent Hill 2: Part 1. 

If this proves to be legitimate, Konami might have told on themselves, revealing the game ahead of its announcement tonight. It’s a strange tactic to try and flex the copyright on a stream that was merely acting as a test of its setup, especially if it accidentally revealed the game because of it. However, it’s worth keeping in mind, none of this is confirmed, at least for now.

If we do indulge in speculation though, the idea of splitting a Silent Hill 2 remake into multiple parts is odd. The original game is only eight hours long (via HowLongToBeat), so it would need a big expansion of content to facilitate being broken up. Rumors are that the Silent Hill 2 remake is being handled by Bloober Team, so it would potentially be on them to figure out how to do that.

It's worth keeping in mind that we have seen this method employed in recent years. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is being broken up into multiple parts to expand on the story of the 1997 original, so Silent Hill 2 could be going that route. That said, there's quite a big difference between an expansive JRPG and a tight survival horror experience getting this treatment. We will have to see later today if this proves to be the case, and how exactly this might work if so.

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