Silent Hill Ascension looks like Twitch Plays Pokemon but horror

Silent Hill Ascension
(Image credit: Konami)

Silent Hill Ascension has a new trailer and a deluge of new details.

When Silent Hill Ascension was announced in October 2022, we had few confirmed project details besides being a real-time streaming series. Now, we have the trailer below to go on, revealing Ascension will follow multiple characters around the world as Silent Hill's always-charming monsters pursue them.

The interactive nature of Ascension means you'll be able to choose how it plays out. Yes, this is basically Twitch Plays Pokemon but by way of Silent Hill, meaning audiences can vote on the actions and determine the fates of characters throughout the new interactive series.

We can already imagine how badly things are going to go for the characters of Ascension, at the mercy of literally everyone around the world. Even the developers behind the project can't say how each episode will play out, because it's entirely in the hands of the viewers.

Touted as an "exploration of intergenerational trauma," developer Genvid Entertainment is heading up Silent Hill Ascension. The studio's actually getting help from Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive on the new series, and Bad Robot Games, of all companies.

Silent Hill Ascension will begin streaming later this year in 2023. We don't yet know about a release date for Bloober Team's Silent Hill 2 remake, which the developer recently stated wasn't ready for launch, as an inaccurate interview transcription had lead some to believe the remake was pretty much finished.

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