Silent Hill 2 Remake developer Bloober Team had to beat other developers to win the project

Silent Hill 2 Remake screenshot
(Image credit: Konami)

Bloober Team has revealed it beat out other developers to work on the Silent Hill 2 remake with Konami.

The new details come from Anna Jasińska, Bloomber Team Chief Marketing Officer, speaking to DreadXP (opens in new tab) in a new interview. Jasińska reveals the idea of remaking Silent Hill 2 was something that "stalked us for many years," but in 2019, the company was invited by Konami to participate in the Tokyo Games Show.

At the showcase, Konami asked Bloober Team to prepare a pitch for the Silent Hill 2 remake, according to Jasińska. "Of course, we weren't the only contenders. Many other studios were vying for cooperation as well, but in the end, our concept was the one that stole Konami's heart," Jasińska continues.

The Chief Marketing Officer further reveals that it was Bloober Team's "commitment and passion for horror" that became a factor in them winning the pitching competition with Konami. Jasińska stops short of naming other developers who were in competition for the remake project alongside Bloober Team with Konami, however.

As such, it would appear the Silent Hill 2 remake has been in development for a number of years at Bloober Team, prior to announcement. The remake project was only just announced late last year by Konami, in a big showcase dedicated to the future of the Silent Hill franchise, after years of swirling rumors and speculation.

Bloober Team previously revealed you can explore Silent Hill 2's entire world without any loading screens, hopefully creating seamless, unbroken tension for players in the eponymous town. 

Hirun Cryer

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