Sierra raffling off exclusive Prototype preview

Oct 24, 2007

Sierra dropped us a friendly e-mail this afternoon inviting us to the TimeShift launch party -notout of the ordinary – we get boozed up atindustry parties all the time. What was out of the ordinary was a note attached to the invitation stating that Sierra will be raffling off an exclusive look at Prototype’s co-op mode.

If you aren’t aware, Prototype is an open-ended conspiracy thriller centered around science experiment and anti-hero Alex Mercer, and looks to challenge the likes of GTA IV and Saints Row 2 for the free-roaming action crown. We definitely want to see more, but we can’t stop ourselves from taking a friendly jab at Sierra’s unconventional decision to raffle off exclusive details.

Is this a desperate attempt to attract journalists to the TimeShift launch party? Maybe, but we suppose that the egalitarian method of distributing exclusives by chance is at least better than giving them to whoever has kissed more ass.

The point: Watch for new Prototype co-op details, which we presume will appear on the web within the next month or so, and remember to smirk at the fact that they were obtained by means of a common party game generally reserved for company picnics and holiday shindigs.

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer