The creators of Host on Shudder are working on a movie described as "The Conjuring behind bars"

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We're only just getting over the nightmares from Host on Shudder, a movie filmed and set in lockdown about a virtual seance gone horribly wrong, and the filmmakers are already planning their next haunt.

Rob Savage and Jed Shepherd, Host writer-director and writer-producer respectively, are reuniting for what they're describing as "The Conjuring behind Bars." As reported by Deadline, the duo is teaming up with French production company StudioCanal, known for producing The Last Exorcism. The screenplay will reportedly be penned by Teresa Sutherland, known for writing the 2018 horror movie The Wind.

Elaborating on the now untitled movie, Savage calls it a "melding of the prison escape movie and the haunted house movie, in which a group of women who stage an unsuccessful breakout attempt discover a secret room that unleashes a dark presence that marauds the halls at night. The film will have a claustrophobic quality akin to The Descent."

Things are still in the early planning stages, and it still isn't clear whether filming will take place in the US or UK, but Savage and Shepherd are hoping to start shooting in 2021. And while the budget is said to be bigger than what produced Host, it will have some thematic similarities.

"It's not a conventional sequel to Host, more of a follow-up film. If Host was about the horror of lockdown, this is about the fear of going back outside, of the world reopening," Savage said. 

It's unclear whether Savage and Shepherd's next effort will launch on Shudder or other platforms, but Savage says they're "in talks with various industry partners about it."

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