Shrek 3 plot revealed!

The fella in charge of green lighting projects at DreamWorks Animation isn’t exactly losing sleep over giving the go-ahead to the third Shrek movie.

Having raked in over $900 million from parts one and two (and only shelled out around $120 million on production), sticking your thumb up for a third part ain’t exactly peeing into the wind.

Mike Myers has signed on to play the big, green ogre and Cameron Diaz is back as his bride, Princess Fiona. The two are bored with ruling over the land of Far, Far Away and so Shrek goes in search of another heir to the throne. Meanwhile, Fiona has to fight off a challenge for power from Prince Charming.

Eddie Murphy returns as Donkey, with Antonio Banderas reprising his Puss ‘n Boots role from part two. Joining them to voice an unconfirmed character will be Mr Diaz-in-waiting, Justin Timberlake.

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