Should you buy a PS5 on Prime Day?

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Amazon Prime Day is on the horizon, and considering we've already seen a steady supply of discounts on the PS5 Slim console in the last few months things are looking good. So far this year we've seen up to $50 / £70 off the device, dropping those numbers to $449 (with a free copy of Spider-Man 2 no less) in the US and £409 in the UK. With so many offers up for grabs in the first six months of the year, then, you'd be forgiven for wondering whether you should take advantage of this year's Prime Day PS5 deals, jump in ahead of time, or wait for Black Friday.

The answer to that question depends on prices on the day, how quickly you need a new console, and whether you want to hold out for the PS5 Pro. We're exploring all these factors in this guide to summer's Prime Day festivities, taking you through the kinds of discounts you should be watching out for, the differences between buying on Prime Day and Black Friday, and helping you decide whether you want to wait and splash out on a Pro.

We've been covering Amazon Prime Day for years now, and watching PS5 deals come and go throughout the console's life. That means we know a thing or two about getting the best value at the best time of the year. 

Is the price right?

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Let's first discuss the price. As of the time of writing, a standard PlayStation 5 holds an MSRP of $499.99 in the US and £479.99 in the UK. The cheapest price we've ever seen on the full PS5 Slim is $449.99 in the US and £409 in the UK. Interestingly, the US has seen this record-low price returning to the shelves far more regularly than the UK. Originally launched with a free copy of Spider-Man 2 (and more recently as part of Sony's Days of Play sale without the game included), this has been a steady saving stateside. That means we wouldn't recommend buying a PS5 on Prime Day if the price doesn't drop to this position. It likely will do again in the future, and could do so with a free game attached. 

In the UK, that £409 position might be wishful thinking. We haven't seen consoles return to this position since February, even with Sony's Days of Play sale dropping things down as low as £415. We'd recommend jumping on a new console if the price hits between £410 and £450, particularly stretching up to that £450 mark if a free game is involved. 

Should you buy a PS5 on Prime Day or Black Friday?

In general, if you want the absolute lowest price possible and can wait until November we'd always recommend doing so. Black Friday is a vastly larger sale than Prime Day, with widespread discounts across more retailers which means heavier competition and, ultimately, lower prices. The event's holiday timeframe also gives the PS5 Slim an extra four months on the shelves - and age plays a big role in sale prices.

That's if you really do want the best shot at the lowest price possible, though. In all likelihood, Black Friday's prices aren't going to be too far off Prime Day's. Sony has already stated that the upcoming PS5 Pro's release won't result in a price drop on the Slim console, citing production costs. That means we're already pretty close to the best things are going to get. For the sake of four more months of play, those looking for a new console in 2024 might as well buy a PS5 on Prime Day. You might get an extra free game or spend $10 less in November, but the extra time is worth far more.

The Pro Problem

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We'll preface this section with the proviso that everything we currently think we know about the PS5 Pro is based on rumors. Sony hasn't officially unveiled any of the spec, price, or release date information that's swirling around the web right now. However, several signs point to a mid-cycle refresh coming towards the end of the year. If you're going for the best performance (and you want to pay more than the PS5 Slim's price) that puts Prime Day in a tricky position. 

If rumors are to be believed, the PS5 Pro will represent a considerable step up in performance with more of a focus on ray tracing and DLSS-like upscaling abilities. Leaks have placed an 'Enhanced' badge on certain games, and developers are being asked to concentrate on polishing up their titles for a new system over the next few months. The PS5 Pro will almost-definitely cost more than the PS5 Slim, though. 

If you're happy to pay more (analysis are currently predicting a $550 - $600 price tag), we wouldn't recommend buying a PS5 Pro on Prime Day. At least wait for more information around performance, pricing, and release dates before jumping in. 

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