Sherlock Holmes Chapter One release date set for November on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will come to PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC on November 16.

Developer Frogwares, which you may know from lovecraftian mystery game The Sinking City, confirmed the PC and new-gen release date in a fresh trailer, later clarifying that the PS4 and Xbox One versions are still coming but will arrive a few weeks later. 

The base game will be $44.99 with a $59.99 deluxe edition available if you want to spring for the season pass, a Mycroft Holmes quest, and other bonus content. Pre-ordering either edition gets you some extras as well, including a free digital copy of Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments, Frogwares' well-received 2014 take on Sherlock, on the same platform. Note that there's no Chapter Two still to come; Chapter One is just part of the normal title for the full-fat, non-episodic game hinting at Sherlock's early days. 

The initial release date was confirmed alongside a hefty gameplay trailer which gives a pretty good overview of what Frogwares' take on the famous detective is all about. A 21-year-old Sherlock returns to the island of Cordona with his friend Jon to visit the Holmes family mansion, which serves as a hub throughout the story, and solve some mysteries. 

Sherlock Holmes is an open-world action investigation game with some light brawling and shooting on the side. Investigations involve examining scenes and speaking with suspects, collecting and evaluating physical evidence, and interpreting everything in your mind palace to draw conclusions. The gameplay trailer says that "because Sherlock's skills are not honed yet, it is possible to get it wrong" and cautions against premature deductions since "some conclusions will be available early, but it does not mean they are the right ones." Beyond bungling the case, making the wrong argument – or being needlessly brutal in your methods – can worsen your relationship with Jon, so be as thorough as you can. 

Frogwares says it's integrated feedback from The Sinking City to make "a system that would be more of a puzzle rather than a straightforward shooter." You can tweak the difficulty of combat and investigations individually if you're not vibing with one of them, or you can just skip combat entirely if you're only here for the mysteries. Combat enthusiasts, meanwhile, can head to a fight club of sorts to win some money they can spend on new gear and some improvements for the mansion. 

Check out our Sherlock Holmes Chapter One preview for more details on the stylish investigate-'em-up. 

Austin Wood

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