Shattered Suns

Recently, Clear Crown Studios revealed the project it has been working on in 'stealth' for the last year and a half, and it looks well worth the wait. Shattered Suns is the group's most recent project, and it should be set to shatter the traditional standards for theRTS genre.

According to Chas Cooper, Founder of Clear Crown Studios, "RTS games have become too predictable...Players are demanding new strategic challenges beyond the usual fortify-gather-destroy formula. They don't want to give up what they already love about RTS games. They just want something new that will deliver a broader experience." But just how will Shattered Suns accomplish this?

To start off the revolution, SS promises five 'unique' features that will separate it from the rest of the class. First off we have three-dimensional battles in space, allowing for maximum maneuverability and tactical planning. In addition we have an ever-changing battlefield with planets moving through their orbits bringing some of your forces closer together over time, and stretching the distances between others. SS also further distancesitself from existing RTS's by allowing the player to customize their own ships and fleets, allowing even more flexibility in creating your ultimate galactic fleet.

Clear Crown Studiosdidn't stop there either.They havemodeled a new economic system that no longer allows the player to collect resources in one location and have said resources instantly show up in their 'common pool.'Instead they have invented a system of 'distributed economics' which should act more true to life by forcing the player to defend newly conquered systems until they have built up enough resources to defend themselves.

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May 9, 2007