How to solve the Shadow of the Tomb Raider mirror challenge tomb, aka the Temple of the Sun

The Shadow of the Tomb Raider mirror challenge tomb is one of the most challenging puzzles you'll encounter during your adventures, and it's the one that had me stumped for the longest. The setup is pretty easy to understand - there are four mirrors in the room, each of which can be turned in order to redirect the light coming in from above towards the green nodes on various pieces of equipment. In addition to this, there's a device in the middle along with a platform that moves up or down depending on which nodes have been lit, along with scaffolds providing links between the four mirrors that need to be turned in so you can climb across them as you solve the Shadow of the Tomb Raider mirror challenge tomb.

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The fundamental thing to know about this tomb is you need to forget about trying to raise the central platform. All that does is block the light that’s crossing the room and waste your mirrors (not to mention remove your method of reaching the prize), so you need to keep it as low as possible. Once you know that piece of information, it’s actually a relatively simple process, which is:

Turn 1 to the left node (far scaffolding on the right) and cross

Turn 2 to the diagonal node and cross back to 1. 

Turn 1 to the node on the right and cross both to 3. 

Turn 3 onto the node immediately to its left so you can cross back

Turn 1 to the node on its left

Cross and turn 2 to the same node you just lit with 1. Cross back to 1.

Turn 1 diagonally across the room onto the far node on the left hand side to make the second half of your bridge to 4.

Cross back to 2 and turn it to the node on its immediate left. 

Cross to 4 and turn it onto the node in front of it which lowers the central platform and completes the bridge to the prize. Don’t forget to examine the mural here!

Go and cross to the prize from the platform in the middle.

There - that wasn’t so bad, was it? 

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