Shadow of the Tomb Raider Challenges guide: How to complete them all

The Shadow of the Tomb Raider Challenges give Lara a distraction from, erm, raiding tombs, and there are plenty of them to work through across the different regions in the game. Some of them are pretty straightforward, while others prove to be real head-scratchers, particularly in cases when most of the items you need are gathered close together but the final one is hidden miles away. Don't fret your time away in brain-melting frustration, by following our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Challenges guide if any of them have you stumped.

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High Diving (Peruvian Jungle)

Everyone loves a big dive in a video game. Remember when Lara was swan diving around on Sega Saturn and PlayStation 1? So do we. Good times. And hey - you can relive those good times, not once, not twice, but FOUR times in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. That’s right, this challenge asks you to swan dive from four high points. Just make sure you actually swan dive, yeah? Jump then push B or Circle immediately. A foot-first plunge doesn’t count, much less a bellyflop.

Immediately after you complete the grappling line sequence under the cliffs after the trial of the Eagle, you’ll get the prompt for a swan dive when you emerge from the cave. Just to be clear (though it tells you what to do anyway), that’s run, jump and push B/Circle immediately after jumping. Lara should perform a very impressive swan dive into the water below.

After retrieving the Champion’s Bow in the King’s Horn sidequest in Paititi, there’s a prompt to perform this dive as you return to the village. 

Outside the entrance to the abandoned village crypt. 

4. At the top of the room where the Temple Base Camp is located. It’s easy to climb to the top of the room, and even easier to swan dive down again.

Flower Picker (Peruvian Jungle)

This one teaches you how to climb trees and swing between them early on in the game. Basically there are several branches you can perch on like some kind of Lara Bird, and pick flowers that are growing there while you survey the scene. Pick 5 flowers from the canopy in this area and the challenge is yours. So where can you find them?


 The first one is basically given to you, when a huge bunch of white writing tells you how to climb trees. So do what it says. It’s at this location if you need to come back later.

2. Turn around and take a couple of hops and a swing across the branches to the next bunch of flowers. Don’t forget to press the X or square button to collect them.

3. Head to this location on the map and you’ll see a fallen tree that you can run up. This gives you a ramp to another tree branch, and this is the one with the flowers on it.

4. Make your way from the climbable tree at this location across the canopy - don’t forget to collect the flowers on the way, or you’ll have to start the climb all over again.

5. The last one is much easier. Climb the tree South-East of the Plane Wreckage base camp and it’s waiting for you on the branch. Now for a wildflower salad. Or something.

Ruffled Feathers

 (Peruvian Jungle)

There are some oropendola nests hanging in the Peruvian Jungle by the plane wreckage base camp - in particular around the remnants of your baggage from the trip. Just take out your bow by holding the left trigger, fire with the right trigger and knock these nests down. You don’t even have to retrieve anything from them. Lara’s just mean to things.

As soon as you get your gear back, scan around to see the first nest suspended over a ravine.

2. Then there’s another one you can see from your gear, this time to the south-east. This is easy.

3. The third is to the east of the Plane Wreckage base camp, at this point on the map. It’s hanging above a clearing, but becomes highly visible when you use your instinct button. 

4. At the start of the Jaguar fight, it’s immediately visible and best taken down then, though obviously you will have other things on your mind. If you do need to come back for it later, head to the Plane Wreckage base camp, and head east to the canyon, where you make a rope line to cross it. Once you have crossed, head to this location on the map and it should be hanging right here. 

Use these links to jump to specific Shadow of the Tomb Raider challenge locations:

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