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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Challenges guide - How to complete them all

Nam Deus (Kuwaq Yaku)

There are five jungle totems hanging from the scenery in Kuwaq Yaku

From the Kuwak Yaku Ruins base camp, head north-east, past the Monolith. Here you’ll find five apparently sacrilegious jungle totems hanging from the trees. They’re not too difficult to find, but if you’re missing one, then the following maps will help you out. 

1. From the large tree behind and to the left of the first large tree you can see from the mural.

2. Hanging to the right of the first, coming from the monolith. 

Up a small ledge to the North-East of the area here, above the path. 

Follow the trail to the North East to find the challenge tomb. This totem is hanging from the gnarly tree on the way.

5. And finally, still further into the entrance of the challenge tomb, the final totem is hanging here, just around to the left. And that’s it! No more sacrilege. High five.

Crude Awakenings
 (Kuwaq Yaku)

Shoot the barrel! That’s right, it wouldn’t be a video game without red barrels that explode when shot. All you have to do is find and shoot all five of the barrels in this area in Kuwaq Yaku, and you’ll be all set for glory.

1. and 2.

The first two are close together, west of the monolith that itself stands north-east of Kuwaq Yaku base camp. They’re within sight of each other here so scan around, and shoot to kill. Or, more accurately, explode.

This one is to the south of the first two, at this location. There really isn’t much challenge to this yet. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Or, more accurately, like shooting a barrel. Sorry not sorry.

4. When you find this odd piece of ground that looks like it should open to reveal some sort of treasure trove but annoyingly does nothing at all, the barrel is within easy sight to the left. 

5. Go to the area on this map screenshot and it can’t be missed. 

Bottom Feeder
 (Kuwaq Yaku)

This is a simple search for some aquatic plants. In other words, swim around in the murky waters at Kuwaq Yaku and press X or Square on five different plants. All of these are in the water by the dock, so you can get them all in one quick blitz of the area. So let’s do it.

Jump into the water off the pier by the old lady and it’s just here in front of you.

 Remember, it’s B or Circle to dive down lower, A or X to swim higher when you’re submerged.

The second is in open water, near a treasure chest. It’s easy to spot, especially if you use the Instinct button.

3. Number three is within sight of number 2
, so just come up for air and hit Instinct again and you’ll see the next one.

4. Out in open water nearer to the barrier

5. And finally, the last one is visible from the mural, but again, just use the Instinct Button and everything becomes clear. It’s in this location on the map if you get really stuck. Now time to get out. Are there any showers in Kuwaq Yaku? More like Kuwaq Yuku, amirite?

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