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SFXs Comic-Con Highlights

The SFX panel, the SFX signings schedule and some of the highlights we’re looking forward to

We’ll are packed up and ready to go. Yep, this time tomorrow SFX is on its way en masse to San Diego Comic-Con, and this year SFX will certainly make a splash at the world’s mightiest convention. And not because Other Dave is going to get arrested for stalking Ali Larter.

Because this year:

  • We’ve got our own stand
  • We’ve got famous types signing at that stand
  • We’ve got our very own panel
  • We’re going to be sending back blogs, opinions, video reports and tweets throughout

So, here’s what you need to know:


We’re going to be on STAND 5567

The signings go as follows:


10am Brent Weeks
4pm Mira Grant


9am Dan Abnett
12 noon China Mieville
3pm Clint Langley


12 noon Dave Gibbons


SFX presents... the British invasion
Thursday 22 July at 5pm in room 5AB

Featuring : Paul ( Doctor Who ) Cornell, Dan (Warhammer 40,000) Abnett, Kieron ( Phonogram ) Gillen, China ( Perdido Street Station ) Mieville, Pat ( 2000AD ) Mills, Toby ( Being Human ) Whithouse. Your host will be SFX editor David (Proper Dave) Bradley. Click here for more information .

What the SFX Team is looking forward to most:

Proper Dave Bradley: The atmosphere. It’s just amazing. Plus, the Tron Legacy panel. After two Comic-Cons of Tron Legacy drip feed, finally we’re going to get a real taste of what we’re in for. The trailer looks great. I'm ready to be wowed.

Richard Edwards: Is there any competiton? The Marvel panel. With Captain America and Thor to tout, it’s got to be the event of the weekend, surely. And who knows, they could make the least surprising announcement of the weekend – confirming that Joss Whedon will be directing The Avengers .

Other Dave Golder: Ali Larter or Red Fraggle? It’s difficult to decide…




10-11am Hall H
DreamWorks’ promising new supervillain animation gets the Hall H programme underway. Voice stars Will Ferrell and Tina Fey and director Tom McGrath will be in town.

Tron: Legacy

11.15-12.45 Hall H
There won’t be many people leaving their hard-won Hall H seats for this one – we’ve been waiting for this sequel for nearly 30 years, after all. No news yet on whether Jeff Bridges will appear on stage in digitally de-aged form.

The Visionaries

3.30-4.30 Hall H
Talk about a clash of the titans! TV legends Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams get the Hall H stage to themselves. Exciting, much?

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

6.00-7.00 Hall H
It’s looking like it could be one of the best films of 2010 – director Edgar Wright will be on hand to explain why we ought to see it. (He's slightly biased, but we're inclined to believe him.)


The Walking Dead

11.30-12.30 Room 6BCF
Even if this wasn’t the most exciting new show on the fall schedule, the panel would be a must-see – where else will you see a guy from This Life on stage with the director of The Shawshank Redemption ?


11.30-12.30 Ballroom 20
Eek! It’s a clash! And who’d want to miss stars and show co-creator Ronald D Moore talking about the second half of season one – how are they going to resolve those cliffhangers?

The Joss Whedon Experience

3.00-3.45 Ballroom 20
No JJ this time, but Joss plus microphone plus lots of fans has got to be essential viewing, right?

The Green Hornet

4.00-6.00 Hall H
The standout of Sony’s big presentation is Michel Eternal Sunshine ... Gondry’s Seth Green-starring Green Hornet update. You can also see Paul Bettany yakking about Priest .

Falling Skies

4.45-5.45 Room 6A
For ages it had no name. Now it has a name – and creative types are now actually talking about it. It’s produced by Steven Spielberg. It’s got a guy from ER in it. And it’s got aliens. We’re intrigued.

Being Human

6.00-7.00 Room 6A
There may be a US remake on the way, but this Con appearance is all about the original. Creator Toby Whithouse plus all four of the principal players equals a whole lot of awesome.


Green Lantern

11.45-1.15 Hall H
We’ve just got our first glimpse of Ryan Reynolds in the Lantern threads. Now we get to see him in the flesh. The Warner panel also features Harry Potter Part VII, Part I .

The Guild

2.00-3.00 San Diego Hilton Bayfront
Felicia ( Dr Horrible ) Day's massively popular massively multiplayer online gaming online sitcom gets its own panel. Ms Day is unsurprisingly in attendance.

No Ordinary Family

3.15-4.15 Room 6A
Michael “The Thing” Chiklis heads up a show that sounds like a live-action take on The Incredibles . There’s a premiere screening and Q&A with cast and crew.


4.45-5.45 Hall H
A film absolutely, completely made for Comic-Con, seeing as it's about two sci-fi fans who pick up an alien while on the way to Comic-Con. The fact that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost wrote and star in the movie only serves to make it more essential. You can also catch a bit of Cowboys & Aliens tease.

Marvel Studios

6.00-7.00 Hall H
Talk about saving the best till last! We know that Marvel will dish out Thor and Captain America goodness, but one big question still remains – will we get any Avengers action?



10.00-11.00 Ballroom 20
On a very quiet Sunday, Smallville 's final Comic-Con appearance (unless someone decides that ten seasons isn't enough, of course) is the standout attraction. Long-serving Superboy Tom Welling will be on the panel.


11.45-12.45 Room 6BCF
Blighty gets some final day San Diego recognition, as stars Anthony Head and Colin Morgan (plus the show's creators) fly out to the US of A to sit on the panel. We're also promised a sneak peek at scenes from season three.