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SFX TV Sci-Fi Championship League Of The Week

Updated to eliminate teething errors…

So, which were the best, new telefantasy episodes that aired in the UK in the past seven days? We give them each star ratings, so you know what we think, but how did the episodes fare in the polls we post with each?

Here’s a little experiment we’ll trial for the next few weeks, with a mind to making it a regular feature: the SFX TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy Championship: a league table based solely on the episode polls.

It's simple: those that scored better place than those who scored lower, on average.

Of course, we know the system isn’t perfect: more popular shows get more votes – and a wider variety of votes – whereas something like Warehouse 13 is pretty much only watched by fans. So where there were ties in terms of scores, we’ve allowed the show with more votes to place higher. (And we know an episode of True Blood premiered this week in the UK, but we originally posted the review for that so long ago, there wasn’t a poll with it; we’ll rectify this for future weeks; and The Walking Dead and Arrow aren’t on here because the reviewers forgot to include a poll – this will be rectified in future weeks).

1 Fringe "In Absentia" ( Your score: 4.5; SFX score: 5/5)
2 Merlin "The Disir" (4.4; 5/5)
3 Warehouse 13 "The Ones We Love" (4.4; 4.5/5)
4 Continuum "Time's Up" (4.1; 3.5/5)
5 Alphas "Alphaville" (4.1; 2.5/5)
6 Grimm "The Kiss" (4.05; 4/5)
7 Wizards Vs Aliens "Dawn Of The Nekross" (4.03; 4/5)
8 The Vampire Diaries "The Rager" (4.01; 3.5/5)
9 Switch season one, episode three (4; 3/5)
10 Red Dwarf "Dear Dave" (3.9; 3.5/5)
11 The Almighty Johnsons "Effortless Many Coolness" (3.9; 4/5)
12 Haven "Double Jeopardy” (3.8; 3.5/5)
13 Misfits season four, episode one (3.5; 3.5/5)

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