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SFX Presents The A-Z Of John Carter: E

Today, the man who created the myth

E is for

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) was an American author, best known for creating Tarzan, who first appeared in Tarzan Of The Apes (1912). He also happened to write the John Carter series of books on which so many sci-fi, fantasy and adventure films have been based. His other sci-fi and fantasy work includes The Land That Time Forgot (1918) and The Lost Continent (1916) and Pelucidar series, which began with At The Earth’s Core (1914). Even Tarzan eventually visited Burroughs’s subterranean world in 1929’s Tarzan At The Earth’s Core , but the ape-man never made it to Mars, sadly.

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The story of John Carter has influenced films we all know and love, from Star Wars to Superman . To introduce you to the world of John Carter we’ve put together a full A-Z which will run all the way through to 9 March when John Carter hits cinemas, so make sure you check SFX every day until then.

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