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SFX Issue 246 On Sale Now

Thwipp! The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into the latest print and digital edition of SFX, on sale now - packed with the very latest SF news and reviews!

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All the latest news from the known galaxies, including Alt , From Dusk Till Dawn , Doctor Who , Divergent and Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar .


The web-slinging sequel is here – and we have the ultimate inside word on Spidey’s villain-crammed latest from cast and crew!


From Star Wars to The Avengers , Jurassic World to Mad Max , who will triumph in cinema’s busiest, bloodiest year?


BBC Three’s zombie-infested drama returns for a second series – and SFX is on set to speak to the people who made it.


A Brazil for the 21 st Century? We chat to the legendary Terry Gilliam about his skull-meltingly strange new movie.


It’s the week of Oscar fever – the perfect time to ask if big screen SF has been robbed of its rightful rewards over the decades…


All the latest genre offerings are slid under the SFX criti-scope: The Zero Theorem , Under The Skin and 300: Rise Of An Empire at the cinema, Gravity and Catching Fire on DVD, Ken MacLeod’s Descent and Adam Christopher’s The Burning Dark in books plus All-New Marvel Now in comics.

PLUS! Every print edition comes with a double-sided The Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster! Put it on your wall! Crawl across it!

Bonus Digital Content
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