SFX Hot Topic: What do you think of the new Halloween movie?

An image from the new Halloween movie

Michael Myers is back! Yes, 40 years on from the John Carpenter classic that launched the definitive slasher franchise, Haddonfield, Illinois' least favourite son is facing Laurie Strode in the ultimate showdown.

The new Halloween movie has already made a killing at the American box office - it's the biggest ever debut for a horror movie with a female lead - and it's currently knifing its way through British cinemas too. We want to know what you made of it: was this a welcome resurrection for the Shape or are his stab-crazed, Shatner-masked glory days behind him? Did you welcome the decision to wipe out all those sequels or are you enraged that Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers is now just a bad dream? What are your memories of the '78 original - and how does the new film compare?

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