SFX Hot Topic: What do you think of The Predator?

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They've terrorised Arnie in the Central American jungle. They’ve given Danny Glover an extremely hard time in LA. They’ve even emerged from the two Alien V Predator movies with their reputation more-or-less intact. Now the galaxy's greatest hunters are back for another close encounter with humankind in The Predator – and we want to know what you thought of the new movie.

Did 20th Century Fox make the right decision bringing writer/director Shane Black (Iron Man 3) back to the franchise for the first time since he starred in the original Predator? What did you think of the evolution of Predator culture and the new hybrid version of the species? Was the action up to the standard of what Arnie and co delivered in the first movie? Who stood out for you among the human cast? Would you like to see more sequels, or is this one franchise that needs to be put down for good. Most importantly, do you agree with the characters in the movie that calling the creature a "Predator" is incredibly misleading?

We’d love to know your opinions on The Predator. Best option: email us at sfx@futurenet.com. Alternatively, post a comment below, or tweet us at @SFXmagazine using the hashtag #SFXhottopic. A selection of the most insightful and amusing contributions will be printed in the letters pages of SFX magazine issue 306 (on sale October 10).

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