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SFX 248 Preview Warehouse 13 Is Going Out With A Bang

Showrunner Jack Kenny on the Syfy show’s final season

Warehouse 13 is set to go out on a high, with showrunner Jack Kenny promising that, for the final season, “every episode is a big fun ride” in SFX 247, on sale Wednesday 2 April .

“For the premier episode we visit Warehouse 9, we’re in Warehouse 13, and then we also visit a futuristic Warehouse. We did one episode where Pete and Myka have fallen into a telenovella and they’re speaking Spanish. There’s an episode that takes place at a Renaissance fair, and there’s another story in the episode where there’s body doubling. There’s an episode where somebody’s trying to move the Warehouse to China and we had to create a Warehouse inChina. Then there’s the finale…”

That finale is set to feature five different interweaving stories including a time travel tale set in the 1940s, a ninja fight with housewives and a musical number where “armies of dancing sequined chorus girls take over the Warehouse.”

Warehouse 13 ’s final season will begin airing on Syfy in theUS on Monday 14 April 2014. The show airs on Syfy in the UK.